Salopian Drivers Club

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Are you a motoring enthusiast? We would love to hear from you.

We hold a range of events over the year giving everyone the opportunity to come together to share our love of classic and otherwise interesting vehicles, and to socialise and swap stories and advice. We have an AGM and a big gathering at the Old Salopian Day weekend in the autumn. In February we hold a club dinner and in the late spring we organise several short tours in different parts of the country.
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How to become a member

To become a member, you have to be either a member of the Salopian Club or the parent of a Salopian and be a motoring enthusiast. You don’t have to own a vehicle yourself. Our focus is on our members and not whether they own a classic, or indeed any, car or motorbike.

The Club charges no joining fee and there are no annual subscriptions for being a member.

Just fill in the application form and we will be in contact to sort out your joining the Club. Once a member, your name will be added to our mailing list so you will then receive news about the Club’s activities and forthcoming events.