22nd June 2024

The Salopian Drivers Club combined with the Bentley Drivers Club again last weekend for a day which combined driving, an excellent lunch and a very privileged visit to a private collection of

The day began with about forty members of the two clubs, in twenty cars lining up on Central at the Schools. Following coffee in the Barnes Theatre foyer, at 11.00 everyone set off for Shawbury following an interesting route carefully worked out by Alex Aldous and Tom Wycherley, which incorporated a dozen treasure hunt type questions.

The drive was completed by shortly after midday and at 12.30 we all sat down for an excellent three course lunch at the Fox and Hounds in Shawbury.

At about 2.00, our group was joined by another group of Bentley owners who were part way through a tour of their own.

This meant that by 2.30, when the whole group moved on to the afternoon’s attraction, a visit to the private collection of carriages owned by Russell Hand, the party was nearly sixty in number and about thirty cars.

The Club was so lucky to be given the chance to see this collection. A huge vote of thanks goes to Russell Hand and also John Richards, who enabled the visit to take place.