Kent tour June 2024

Having organised Kent tours for the last two years, I wasn’t sure there would be much interest in having another one there.

Thankfully, my misgivings were unwarranted as the take up was good and within a short time after announcing the tour, sixteen members and partners, in eight cars, had signed up.

The programme was different from the previous tours but the length of it, starting on Monday afternoon and ending on Wednesday afternoon, was repeated as it seems to work well.

We based ourselves at the very luxurious bed and breakfast accommodation at Hever Castle, so stayed there for the Monday and Tuesday nights.

During the course of the tour, we visited Hever Castle, Penshurst Place, Down House and Chartwell. The latter being the home of Winston Churchill.

As most people will know, Penshurst Place was the home of Sir Philip Sidney OS and Down House was the home, for forty years, of Charles Darwin OS.

We also enjoyed evening meals at two excellent nearby pubs, the Pheasant Plucker at Ide Hill and the Wheatsheaf at Bough Beech.

After the dust has settled, I will give thought to organising another tour next year. There are so many amazing places to visit in Kent that I may risk trying another one there or look for a destination elsewhere in the UK. Watch this space.