Jack Henley day on Saturday, 2nd September 2023

On Saturday 2nd Sep, SDC Members had a most unusual treat when visiting Jack Henley’s collection of all things weird and wonderful in Kent.

The Indian summer weather helped of course but Jack’s endearing and interesting character really made it a day to savour and never forget. He is definitely one of a kind. His various collections are exceptional. Not only has he amassed a string of beautiful cars but also jukeboxes, rare postcards, post boxes, clocks, watches, RAC boxes…all in working order (where applicable). Jack considers himself as a custodian of all these unique and rare items. We were very lucky to have the opportunity to go there. Many thanks go to John Sutton for coming up with idea and sorting things out with Jack.

All cars in Jack’s collection are British – bar a lovely Messerschmidt bubble car. Main brands are Aston Martin and Bentley. These include 2 extremely rare Zagato versions of each brand and Elton John’s Bentley Continental.

14 SDC cars and 26 people turned up. After a tour of the garages, the grounds and the charming house, SDC members enjoyed a perfect picnic in the most idyllic setting. Those present will never forget this unique experience in Jack’s hospitable company.

Michel Vanhoonacker